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Tema en 'La Torre de Babel' comenzado por MarkkoCarnaghi, 31 de Enero de 2018. Respuestas: 1 | Visitas: 284

  1. MarkkoCarnaghi

    MarkkoCarnaghi Poeta recién llegado

    Se incorporó:
    14 de Enero de 2018
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    I will die here, and in thee

    Hearing a last tearing breath

    it’ll blow on the taciturn crypt

    and over the path tend its veil

    am i buried within myself?

    Creeping through ancient ruins up to my pit

    Obsessed, will rise, those who were forgotten,

    in mournful screams of sorrow

    Over a land of ginger tears dew, they’ll skirl

    The voices of the cursed

    the lamentations of dark hollows

    Is this an endless sadness or is it just banal?

    A Lain madness or a promise bond in blood

    Withering in this woe, can already descry its silhouette

    Wafting in the mist, an imperious sign of depart time

    Are already cracking the ropes

    That my eyes made to bleed

    Until, i’m not able to see the light

    Of this dying night…

    Once, i saw how the light fades away from my eyes

    Nothing would be any longer the way i remember

    Now, i roam errant in lands of frost

    So far, alone and lost.

    Follow the shores of oblivion under a bloody sky

    Ablazed by the halo of the eclipsed sun

    And the agony of the black star

    With growing sorrow, i fill my dying heart

    I saw my ghost swallowing my ashes

    And i turn blind by the frozen light

    In silence, the darkest night

    Cradle a mournful sea

    Reviving the fire of desintegration

    Washed away by frozen stars

    Scars that bloom in a flush

    Seduce the crows borned within my flesh

    And, one day, when everything is gone

    During a sempiternal farewell, i close my eyes

    And under the sun of a bloodshot dawn

    I’ll feel the burning coldness of the frozen light

    In this land of dead and woe

    A fragment of my unforgiven cowardice

    Aim my own worms, those who are already ravening me

    Or, may be, the petals of that dark and withered rose

    As an unlit candle by the rain

    It overshadows a withering heart

    with the halo of the BloodMoon

    deeper than this immeasurable suffer

    the perfume of a bud that’ll never bloom

    In the reborn of the bloodmoon​
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  2. Claudiabril

    Claudiabril Claudia Abril

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    31 de Enero de 2018
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