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Silent and dreary...

Tema en 'La Torre de Babel' comenzado por Aisha Baranowska, 20 de Abril de 2017. Respuestas: 0 | Visitas: 86

  1. Aisha Baranowska

    Aisha Baranowska Poeta que considera el portal su segunda casa

    Se incorporó:
    29 de Mayo de 2012
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    silent and dreary
    my night and my day -
    in the world that I see
    through the eyes of infinity...

    my life is a lonely path
    unwalked by feeble minds
    alone am I
    among the crowds
    alone on my way
    to nowhere...

    a mere illusion
    a dream, a phantom
    a solitary shadow

    my tears mean nothing
    and my bones will burn
    when I'm no longer there
    and my existence will be forgotten...

    they'll bury my head beneath the ground
    and my mind will never rest -

    for I was a bird without nest
    and a ship without a captain...

    in the depths of the sea I'll be drowned
    my ashes thrown to the wind -
    and I will cry alone when no-one hears
    and I will laugh till fear enters
    their hearts of stone -

    for I am gone already
    since I was born...

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