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Tema en 'La Torre de Babel' comenzado por Cecy B, 18 de Septiembre de 2019. Respuestas: 6 | Visitas: 352

  1. Cecy B

    Cecy B Hechicera de palabras

    Se incorporó:
    25 de Octubre de 2014
    Me gusta recibidos:

    Hey, girl,

    messy hidden girl

    I guess who you are

    I'm not your enemy or your friend,

    I‘ll try to be kind…

    don't drop your anger letters in my private box

    don’t change your name,

    your costume, everyday

    that bores me, that tires me, you know…

    Give me a break,

    and read these words one more time:

    I don’t want what you want

    I use my brain, my common sense

    and I just love only what I can touch,

    it is my law, believe me, it works

    a body in my bed, a body with a soul.

    So forget even my pics,

    and also those mistaken legends about me

    all those febrile lies you built

    this story is insane, you must stop…

    forget me soon,

    do it now!

    Eat your steak

    drink your wine

    have a bath,

    put on make up

    choose a sexy dress

    look inside the mirror at your own face,

    that is the only truth

    it is up to you

    feel amazing, wild and queen at once.

    So, get a life, live your life,

    take the car, a bus, a ship, a plane

    go for him if you do care

    hurry up before another one (not me, never me)

    can usurp your sunny place.

    And finally, leave me alone

    I need some peace to write

    I’ll write forever to my love,

    I’ll write for the right one,

    for the right ones.

    For God's sake,

    try to make a last effort to understand…

    Hey, woman,

    love yourself first

    as much as you can.

    Última modificación: 18 de Septiembre de 2019
    A silveriddragon, Sikus y Guerrion les gusta esto.
  2. Guerrion

    Guerrion Poeta que considera el portal su segunda casa

    Se incorporó:
    7 de Febrero de 2017
    Me gusta recibidos:
    your writing isn’t as soft, let say, as in the previous day. I hope this is, as it always has been, all fiction.
    Well, I truly count my blessings, I’m tired too, but from work.

    For sure, you just wrote one the most surprising poems.. it is strong, so it is that’s almost able to move against the strange winds of bitterness or resentment. But little is known about your English writings so I’m struggling a bit on how to approach your ideas in order to get into the large expense of your sincere and striking feelings.

    At the end this is an additional attraction to your already pretty writings, although, generally known as sweet and gorgeous, like a feather and a marigold.

    I hope all the bad vibes cease and that love and peace become the costume. Please do not despair, your being is fully equipped in every way to deal and win life’s battles... sorry about my badly broken Ingles.!

    On either side of this house
    your thoughts,
    like delicious blueberries
    on a breakfast table,
    furnish my soul.

    Love to you,
    Fidel Guerra.
    A Cecy B le gusta esto.
  3. Cecy B

    Cecy B Hechicera de palabras

    Se incorporó:
    25 de Octubre de 2014
    Me gusta recibidos:

    Dear Fidel,

    yes, this poem-song ( a friend of mine said he will give it some music) is not so sweet as I use to write.

    I can’t be sweet this time, but I can be sincere.

    It is about a girl/ woman, with no name or surname.

    It is a kind of person, about a way to live, bothering and bothering…

    It is about those who build a reality into their minds, and take it as a truth. But it is a lie, a mistake, because it only happens in their minds.

    I am tired, my friend, I needed to express myself.

    The poem has many moments, it is about behaviors, and although I perfectly know it won’t change anything, my soul feels softer and better after saying this.

    I didn´t expect comments, but I am so thankful because you came here to read me, so glad to see you, that I keep in my heart your presence and your lovely words.

    I can feel your friendship and I celebrate it every day we can share poetic moments.

    Hugs from my south.
  4. Sikus

    Sikus Hulussi_Ñe'êpoty®

    Se incorporó:
    27 de Septiembre de 2016
    Me gusta recibidos:
    It is a great poem, as a literary work, but its content is really impressive. It is beautiful to read it in English, it sounds great and it flows as much as your Spanish. The problem he presents in his work is of a special magnitude and I am sure that whoever has such a bad behavior will not understand it in Spanish or English or even if it is written in Mandarin Chinese ... It is one of those works in which you only want to exist in the fictional world, but when they reach the real world ... you can only wish for your recipient to react forever. It is a pleasure to read it, as always. May the sun shine with full force on your shore. Glad to meet you here in this remote forum. My eternal support and affection for you.
    A Cecy B le gusta esto.
  5. Cecy B

    Cecy B Hechicera de palabras

    Se incorporó:
    25 de Octubre de 2014
    Me gusta recibidos:

    The lie is so rooted in their minds, that I agree with you, some people never learn.

    My words can be the most clear, but the act of understanding is a matter of will.

    When there's no will, nothing changes.

    But I still have my lines to tell the girl/ woman/ women who are like satellites of a mistaken planet, "Hey, stop, live your own life"

    I needed to write this, because nobody can limit someone else's words, nobody can silence me.

    Thank you so much for being here. I didn't expect comments in this side of the house, but having them makes me feel good.

    Thak you for your support and affection, I am glad for those nice other things that don't change :).
    A Flor de agosto le gusta esto.
  6. silveriddragon

    silveriddragon Poeta fiel al portal

    Se incorporó:
    26 de Mayo de 2014
    Me gusta recibidos:

    Me ha gustado mucho como escribes en inglés.

    En verdad me ha dejado la sensación de leer algo que está cargado de emociones.

    Muy grato leer.

    Saludos Cordiales
    A Cecy B le gusta esto.
  7. Cecy B

    Cecy B Hechicera de palabras

    Se incorporó:
    25 de Octubre de 2014
    Me gusta recibidos:

    Yes, mental fatigue could be some kind of emotion too.
    Thats is the only one emotion you can find in this poem/song/letter and also ideas like liberation and truth.

    The woman in the story loves a man and her insane jealousy takes her to bother and bother and bother in many ways, and send hate
    "anonymous" messages to another woman who is not precisely interested in that man.
    At least not in a loving sense, but human being, that is all.

    So, she is tired very very tired.

    Thanks for reading me in this side of the house,
    have a nice day.
    A silveriddragon y Sikus les gusta esto.

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