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Subtle language

Tema en 'Prosa: Torre de Babel de Prosa' comenzado por Flor de agosto, 30 de Agosto de 2019. Respuestas: 0 | Visitas: 26

  1. Flor de agosto

    Flor de agosto Poeta que considera el portal su segunda casa

    Se incorporó:
    24 de Mayo de 2009
    Me gusta recibidos:
    The language of the universe

    such a subtle vibration

    Signals, images and sounds

    in unison with my sensations

    I understand the message

    but can speak of it NOT

    Somehow there is a silence

    that screams to me from above

    I can only comprehend

    with multi sensory skills

    A fusion of good and evil

    churning as in a mill

    Three dimensional thinking

    only because of symbols

    that beg me to capture them

    so they can remain and linger

    It’s up to each one of us

    to see what in here resonates

    Invisible forces at work

    waiting for you to activate

    The subtle vibrations of love

    a language that should be enough

    It’s a backstage conversation

    undeciphered communication

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