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Puzzle above the city

Tema en 'Poemas de Amor' comenzado por nonickmario, 14 de Febrero de 2010. Respuestas: 0 | Visitas: 339

  1. nonickmario

    nonickmario Poeta recién llegado

    Se incorporó:
    3 de Febrero de 2009
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    Plaudit to these white clouds,
    to this magick
    so wondrous to perceive...
    A sunny day in London?

    Metal floats on the pond of present,
    voices from my sorry past
    are now water under the bridge.

    Up here, behold existence from up here!

    A bright message I choose to convey
    on principle, this I emphatically state,
    holding thou firmly through this foray
    always willing to uphold thy soaring and,
    most of all,
    vividly gate-crashing into thy quintessence.

    The binding of this book feels fragile today.
    Your verdant hourglass rests on the shelf of life
    don't walk away.
    Enter that red booth inside your chest
    and ring me.

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