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Just tell me why? (13 del 8 del 18) (Ing)

Tema en 'La Torre de Babel' comenzado por Clear, 3 de Diciembre de 2019. Respuestas: 3 | Visitas: 90

  1. Clear

    Clear Poeta asiduo al portal

    Se incorporó:
    6 de Marzo de 2015
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    Just tell me why? (13 del 8 del 18) (Ing)

    I love you from the beginning,

    I diluded my heart,

    to believe in love, again,

    and I did not know,

    what the true was,

    I didn't looked signal above. **

    I could'nt understand the true**

    I don't fell, that this was not good.

    You we're not what,
    i expected and ir so hurt,
    to see that,
    you are not who love me,
    and the afternoon,
    when you arrived.

    you are not the one who walked,

    understanding on the beach,

    in the cold, with a old story,

    we seemed so happy.

    You are not the man that i knew,

    until the evening of my hands,

    with a coffee, in the cold

    you look me,

    we was waiting just beautiful things,

    but you lie.

    You make me
    dance un circls,

    I was imagined wonderful thing with you,
    but you lie...

    just tell me why?

    why you did it this time?

    you leave me without breathing again?

    you leave me without understand,

    well, tell me,
    in what part of you,
    is born the evil and all the same time,
    you can love me right?

    And i can't accept,

    that you cannot measure,

    I hope a little baby,

    all the demage you've caused,

    so much you disappointed me, again.

    You could never see it,
    you never know,
    what i want you were for me,

    I could't only feel,
    the beating of your heart,
    and i was not fell his beating is bad.

    Like another: 21 del 07 del 18 (Ing)

    since this started,

    turning around this trouble,

    And everything will be about me,

    and everything will be about you,

    everything will be about what they say again.


    all about us,

    all about us....

    You took we to looost,****

    And we keep going around,

    and round,

    i see everything is back,

    and we keep going around and around,

    you need see everything is back.

    You think you know, all about love...,
    all about love,
    all about love,

    but you just learn the Words i need to hear

    We Believe in the stars: 17 08 '18

    And although in don't know
    what you're doing today, lo
    i think maybe later...
    And althought i don't
    recognize myself, well,
    without you,
    i think maybe later.

    Everything will be fine, i know,
    everything will be fine,
    If you are still with me.

    Everything will be fine,
    everything will be right.
    if we stay together.

    And while i will say:

    Let's see the stars,
    go aut and look autside,
    just look that them, shine,
    like our heart,
    just look that them,
    shine like our love.***

    Let's see the stars,
    Let's see them dance,
    I Will be there,
    because our dreams,
    arte still in the same heaven.****

    And although everything look like,
    another color so gray,
    and although they tray eraser,
    All our story with their fire,
    everything will fine,
    you now,
    everything will be fine,
    If we stay together.

    No other law:17.08.18 . (Ing)

    I tray not change my road,
    traying to not forget,
    how to see you again,
    Thinking that mayby this,
    was my mistake.

    To love you without
    asking if it would to be good,
    to love,
    like this that my age.

    Maybe i'm dreaming of all,
    this, and it's not going to happen,
    because I fell si lonely,
    since you're not here,
    and you don't fight...
    for all you say.

    I traying to breath( for this was),
    looking for far away,
    looking a new roud.

    Cause, somewhere I know you,
    i feel,
    you must miss me,
    and you certainly
    love me.... Looove

    And you just (no te atreves) don't want,
    to return,
    I've walked so far this time,
    that they can't find me anymore.

    Because I think of you,
    there is no other sound,
    there is no other law in me,
    only you...

    Because I think of you,
    there is no other sound,
    there is no another law in me

    More than the sound,
    of your voice,
    more than the beating,
    of your heart near me

    More that the longings,
    of you promised,
    because even in my dreams,
    I can see you saying,
    that you love me like me.

    Angels fly: 20.08.18. (Ing)

    Angels fly,
    angels fly and his life,
    for you for me,
    they prey close to you,
    close to me

    Don't stop trusting,
    they don't abandon us,
    they will mark the way,
    just don't stop trusting.

    To wards a new freedom,
    they will mark the way,
    to our peace,
    they see in your heart,
    the sincerity,
    they make a smile.

    Protec tour soul,
    from the evil from,
    the dark.

    Protect your soul,
    from stars,
    they take pity on you,
    and will never leave you alone.

    Even if you cannot,
    have a proof,
    I can still see them,
    flying over my home,
    i can still see them over you home tonight.

    I forget everything: 23 del 08 del '18 (Ing)

    forget everything,
    I was looking for love,
    and music,
    I was feeling in love this time,
    this time I was feeling in love,
    this time.

    And I don't know why?
    I think I hear you word
    in my melody,
    I hoped to see you again,
    and I don't know why?

    Hurried, triumphant, and
    with your heart beating,
    in your hand,
    we never see the end.

    And in your mouth,
    there was no was doubt,
    just speesh that you
    shouted inside you,
    listening all winds,
    was: 'i love you'!

    To everything place,
    i was to go,
    I thought you would sudderly,
    in front of me.

    I will forgot everything,
    I forgot everything,
    except i hope to see the love,
    I forgot everything,
    I forgot everything,
    exceptI i hoped*" to see love,

    Except you to follow,
    the line of your heart...

    I expected to see you around,
    every corner

    Because something,
    say me, maybe,
    youre still here,
    thinking in me.

    Something told me,
    maybe a heart beating, near
    maybe a bright in sky( celestial voult)

    Do not go further from me:. (Ing)

    Do not go further from me,

    Because I can not see, if you're still here,

    I can see I can notice,

    what this heart is still here,

    Do not tell me it will not happen,

    Do not tell me you can not,

    because I think I've relied on this,

    What this will not be possible,

    Do not say it

    I'm here,

    forgetting that nothing is simple for me,

    (But there is someone like you)

    that keeps my heart to itself,

    I believe in myself,

    but there is no one to trust here.

    I was thinking about everything,

    What you're supposed to think of me,

    maybe all this love is not vain,

    Everything was vain before for you?

    Every warm coffee, would you be here.

    Was falling the night:

    In the room was falling the night,

    and was my mother,

    wondering why?

    Why the sky has to disappear,

    And look so beautiful at the same time?

    Why here is as no longer existed ...
    because she can not see it?
    There's nothing else,
    that could bad like that,
    nothing is worse,
    than living this together.

    What mystery has closed,

    your eyes to the light?

    yes, she used to shine,

    shine like the sun.

    Oh the sky seems so far now,
    i just want to know,
    if she'll shine again, again...

    And you Tell me:

    Love will not come how,
    in your dreams,
    love is not ususally,
    how usually believe,
    we don't have to be,
    fighting now, thinking now.

    I don't want hear again,
    that everything is lost,
    because the sun still shines,
    as before,
    so wake up, wake up pliss.

    And I Tell you:

    He took mey feeling,
    like a new gifbox,
    he took them,
    he took my first illusions,
    took them.

    But I tray to think,
    this love is not all in me,
    but he took my feeling,
    like a new gifbox bright,
    and destroyer me, again,

    He took my first love,
    and I tray to Believe,
    in good things,
    but he don't Believe in love,
    and destroyed me again.

    And I can't see it anymore,
    and I wan't see it anymore.

    Like a old Woman

    She is like an educated,
    and old woman,
    who knows my heart,
    and understands my words,
    taking care of children,
    like no one else,
    she defens my heart,
    even if it is the last thing,
    she has yo say.

    Because she knows everything
    about me,
    with one Word she protect me,
    I think I can still see,
    when she was a little,
    and took care of sisters,
    even in the rooms full of loneliness.

    But, I know the pink pastel colors and roses,
    showed him the way,
    I know that angels come down,
    to take care of here,
    took care of their dreams,
    and their destiny.

    And now you should know,
    you are almost everything,
    I learned to grow,
    you are almost everything,
    I have learned,
    to not be fall, sometimes,
    you are almost everything,
    I have tended to understand,
    part of that world,
    you are almost everything,
    I have followed to grow.*""

    And it's okay,
    sometimes time doesn't,
    give us everything we dream of,
    but you discovered in yourself,
    only the best of you,
    but you discovered in you,
    how to be happy really happy,
    and if you're not already,
    I want you to know that,
    nothing made me happier,
    than our conversations together,
    I'm sure we helped the world a little,
    together.* Ayudamos al mundo a ser mejor

    Today is Christmas:
    Because today is Christmas,
    the city lights up,
    everyone will sing,
    because today is Christmas,
    the most beautiful day to me,
    no one will forget about love,
    and friendship.

    Because today is Christmas,
    everyone will be together ...,
    the lights will illuminate love,
    and friendship,
    little hello games you will remember,
    how when it was Christmas,
    for the first time ember,
    in your home.

    And the lights will show you,
    your dreams in the heaven again,
    so magical and pino Smell,***
    living will be,
    because today,
    you will forget every mortal road,
    because today is Christmas,
    everything can change.

    Playing around to me:
    Althought i see the darkness,
    I could see,
    Two little people,
    playing around to me,
    playing like a wonderfull song,
    i'm the wireless.

    So inocent, si important to me, oh, oh, oh,
    I looked around and there no one else,
    like they to me.... Oh, oh, oh

    And all that the world,
    had give me to dicover,
    in this moment,
    just a cute promise,
    there we're two people,
    around me,
    the we're two people,
    around to me... make me happy.

    And they live in my memory,
    remembering the time of beauty**
    and victory

    Because i loved whatching,
    to them down,
    that they could't anymore,
    so fun...

    They played spinning,
    in an armchair,
    to see a smile, in me,
    and every day was new* to me,
    and although sometimes,
    something made us sad,
    like when the Christmas tree,
    disappeared, and we cry and cry

    We knew that everything,
    could shine again,
    we knew everything could change, again,
    and be better, if we smile together.

    Adore the Summer:

    I adore the summer,
    feel the water on my face,
    and see these little red stars,
    floating for all place.

    I adore summer,
    like a new breeze ...

    I love summer,
    like a new another,
    under the sea,
    like a mermaid,
    in a new breeze,

    I love the Summer,
    the water in the sand,
    and see the little rocks,
    in which I can stay.

    I love summer,
    how in a new life, * hearsteach
    how something,
    that accompanies a dreaming,
    and think about the greatness,
    of just walking,
    around the beach.

    And being able to breathe again,
    I wish that you,
    you had brought this summer for me,
    and to be able to breathe, again ...

    Because there is no way to go back,
    but I know that everything,
    can change again,
    I would like to make no mistake,
    and have another day like this with you.

    I know, you will wait for me:
    I would like you,
    take me to the place,
    where your heart lives,
    but I just met you,
    and I did not take all the best of me,
    but still you think I'm look great like this,

    I never expected impossible things,
    only love, true promises,
    and some grittiness,
    I can see though** your eyes,
    and that's great.

    I'll wait here,
    to listen to your heart speak,
    hoping it's not a lie,
    failures and error.

    And now,
    I have to go,
    I must leave you alone,
    and you will wait for me,
    you will wait i'm stay here,
    and you will think of me,
    without erasing me,
    from your memory.

    (all the way home,
    as if this were an old story,
    an old movie love.)

    You will wait for me,
    to think about you,
    you will wait i think un you,
    and hope i can't sleep,

    Traying to find ( or understand)
    if you are for me,
    you will wait for me,
    to say yes in the morning,
    I have thought about all the things,
    I used to say about love,
    and now I think that,
    It will cost me to believe again,
    but I will try for you.

    the sky, the stars and the sea,
    bright so new today,
    I believe some,
    William Shakespeare,
    where there is love,
    you break heart,
    but if it is true, never die.

    So, you were driving:

    You did not know
    where we would go true?
    We Were fell full
    Drivings did not know
    I did not know,
    I just asked,
    where are we going?
    And you said, "On either side",
    You only took the car to escape,
    Of the city,
    to forget everything else.

    You did not know where we were, you?
    I did not know if we would come true?
    I felt so sure, when you were,
    I was so confident that you believed in me,
    and my hands floating,
    without thinking, that this would,
    have a bad purpose,
    and in every walk,
    I was wondering you love me?

    I'm sure you love me to me?
    When you and I ,
    we sing and smiled,
    I felt that were you and I,
    live in twilight,
    the sunset, the evening,
    the silence full between you and I,
    The samiling so repentinamente,
    we were going East,
    and I did not see if I had ended.

    Breezee of summer
    Everyone walked,
    Nobody know that you,
    make me feel you love me.

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  2. Gustavo Cervantes

    Gustavo Cervantes un loco en la cornisa

    Se incorporó:
    15 de Abril de 2006
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  3. Guerrion

    Guerrion Poeta que considera el portal su segunda casa

    Se incorporó:
    7 de Febrero de 2017
    Me gusta recibidos:
    Dear clear,
    oh, my God, I thought I’ll never see a poem this long or a humongous cluster of poems.!

    I admire your imagination and how comfortable you feel sharing with us so many surprises at once in a huge poem. It is a gift of moments that last...it gives me the courage to share more than a few words.

    Some poets say so much with so few words,
    I don’t, it takes me forever just to think a single one.

    Fidel Guerra.
    Última modificación: 4 de Diciembre de 2019
  4. Clear

    Clear Poeta asiduo al portal

    Se incorporó:
    6 de Marzo de 2015
    Me gusta recibidos:
    I write beautiful things during 2018 for you to read from my reality but thinking about beautiful things, I hope you really like reading, and I wrote in Spanish as in English and I am still in Spanish version I am still working on it. As this country is in an strong economic crisis, I hope one day I can edit it so that many people can also read it.
    People turn so bad in here, and some people lost their jobs. while I hope this great social explosion ends and returs the peace.
    Última modificación: 4 de Diciembre de 2019
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