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What fills me with pain

Tema en 'La Torre de Babel' comenzado por MarkkoCarnaghi, 4 de Febrero de 2018. Respuestas: 0 | Visitas: 367

  1. MarkkoCarnaghi

    MarkkoCarnaghi Poeta recién llegado

    Se incorporó:
    14 de Enero de 2018
    Me gusta recibidos:
    It doesn't hurt me
    that you've accomplished to smile again
    What fills me with plain is
    that you don't do it by my side any longer

    Sometimes I ask myself
    Why does it hurt me this much
    If it was just a brief glimpse into heaven
    And the path always shows the same footsteps
    It's because it was so truthly intense
    You were my proud
    The fire in my soul

    Crystal lake beneath my feets is fragmented
    Under the frozen surface rest peacefully
    Our flower which bloomed already withered

    Sometimes I ask myself
    Which is the delight in tearing this veins
    If, then, I'm ashamed of my scars's message
    But, still, the hope remains
    that this blood, which stains my slumbers,
    will drain with it the pain grieving my heart
    Before it takes my life with it

    I observe, from the other side of the window
    where time doesn't flow
    And the dark neverending winter reigns
    How you're burieding me on a drawer
    Rapidly, you left me into oblivion

    Even though, like a bird you flew
    I wouldn't forget how your kisses used to taste
    How nights were not supposed to be weeped

    It doesn't hurt me
    to turn the page
    What fills me with pain is
    the Watermark you have sealed in all of them
    A perfume that cracks me from within
    While I kiss the shadows in silent depths
    A Karosea le gusta esto.

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